COSCO Shipping Lines committed to fast transhipment and efficient shipping

COSCO Shipping Lines has been implementing the ‘Ocean & Plus’ strategy with the objective of further enhancing its service quality in 2019, including in transhipment services.

In order to optimise transhipment services, COSCO Shipping Lines has taken a series of new measures:

* Improving the accuracy of space management and establishing the priority principle of transhipment cargo

* Optimising transhipment routes, balancing allocation and cargo flow

* Improving the quality of documentation to eliminate pending transhipment caused by documentation issues

* Cooperating closely with ports to enhance operational efficiency and improving the timeliness of terminal operation and terminal transfer

It emphasised in a release that it is committed to providing excellent ocean and logistics solutions to create constant value for customers, as well as whole-process tracking and emergency intervention to provide high-quality and efficient transhipment services.