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FreightBro launches app to enable freight forwarders to save time and ease workload

FreightBro has launched the first-ever freight forwarding application designed to optimise the freight forwarding process, save time and increase efficiency. The user-friendly app has features to discover global rates and schedules instantly, create instant quotes and monitor activity, accept bookings online, manage shipment life cycle and track cargo at a single touch of the screen. The app delivers an unmatchable experience to customers, forwarders and can be downloaded via the App Store and Google Play.

FreightBro is a freight technology start-up aimed at revolutionising the trillion-dollar forwarding industry through digitisation of the manual processes of shipping. It aims to simplify the complexities of the logistics industry using technology to empower freight forwarders with a digital platform that can potentially increase their sales by 30 per cent while reducing 70 per cent of their quotation turnaround time and costs by 50 per cent. The company has successfully partnered with major shipping lines and logistics providers in India and China and has been growing expeditiously since inception. FreightBro enables freight forwarders to concentrate on their core competency and increase their customer base and sales as they take care of all the back-end functions for them, said a release.


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