Indian Ports Association launches 100% free value-added service on PCS 1x: eInvoice, ePayment and eDO

PCS 1x is ready with value added Electronic Delivery Order facility for all the relevant stakeholders

We are pleased to inform that PCS 1x is ready with value added Electronic Delivery Order facility for all the relevant stakeholders.

The Next Generation eDO is a single platform to perform all eDO related activities including e-invoice and e-payments, with highly secure data interchange between requester and provider.

With the roll-out of the service, trade and industry will be further facilitated and save time and money in clearing cargo, speed up Delivery Order extension and the Empty offload process.

Stakeholders can request invoice, view invoice, make payment and secure eDO on PCS1x post login. For Empty Offload at Depot customer need not carry a copy of the Delivery Order since the empty yards are being onboarded and will be able to access the same electronically. Govt. of India has ensured that the facility can be availed free of charge by all stakeholders on PCS 1x. Customs Brokers and Importers stand to gain considerably from cost reduction inDO release and DO extension. Further, time and travel costs of runner boys who keepwaiting at Line offices to get the invoices, pay and get delivery of cargo will be saved and put to more productive use.

Trade and industry pan India may obtain registration/ enrolment on PCS 1x namely at the earliest to access these services if not already registered.

PCS 1x has recently grown three times in userbase and manifold in functionality. It is being implemented and overseen by IPA to ensure increase in the nations rankings for EODB (ease of doing business) and LPI (logistics performance indicators) index.

For more information please call toll free 1800 11 5055 or write to – ; Contact SPOC’s: /