Integrated Warehousing and Distribution Solutions for the Indian Market

Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions (RGL), an integrated warehousing and distribution solutions company, recently launched its operations independently after being spun off from its 65 year old parent company Robinsons Cargo & Logistics (RCNL), with an aim to offer strategic solutions and create deep rooted partnerships with its customers for the Indian market. Leveraging the legacy of the parent company, Robinsons Cargo and Logistics Ltd. (RCNL), RGL offers customized value-added services that are deeply rooted in the values of integrity, customer satisfaction, and efficiency.

The Indian warehousing market was worth INR 1,463 Billion in 2017 and is further projected to reach INR 3,179 Billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 13.6% during 2018-2023. This growth can largely be attributed to the implementation of GST and the move to grant infrastructure status to the logistics sector that resulted in a growth spurt for the warehousing and supply chain industry in India. Additionally, several other factors, like the country’s positive economic policies, growth across major industries such as automobiles, food, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, FMCG and the emergence of organized retail, have supported the growth of the warehousing industry in India. This exponential growth has led to the entry of organized player in the sector, resulting in the standardization of processes, the introduction of IT-enabled services and creation of structured systems and processes.

However, there are still many challenges that need to be addressed. Today logistics cost in India accounts for 13-17% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is nearly double (6-9%) the logistics cost to GDP ratio in developed countries such as the US, Hong Kong, and France. Much of the higher cost could be attributed to the absence of efficient intermodal and multimodal transport systems. Moreover, warehousing has also been facing major challenges, leading to increased logistics cost that is borne by the end users and other stakeholders.

With a strong network of 40 warehouses in 20 states; and an extensive experience of delivering superior services for the past 23 years, RGL aims to offer expert warehousing and distribution solutions that are aligned to the dynamic needs of modern business. With over half a million square feet of warehousing space under its management, RGL is among one of the modern and technologically enabled warehousing and distribution service providers in the country; catering largely to the exponentially growing demands of sectors like manufacturing, Retail, Infrastructure, IMPEX, and SME’s and E-Commerce.

Highlighting his vision and future plans for his new venture, Mr. Aditya Vazirani, Director, Robinsons Global Logistics Solutions, said, “There is a paradigm shift where leaders are focussing on their core competencies such as manufacturing or retail; they are choosing to outsource the logistics to professionals such as RGL. In creating win-win partnerships, we add a definitive value proposition to their business and with our ever-growing network and customisable solutions are the preferred choice.  Going forward, we are expecting to grow at 30-40% YoY and are investing heavily on technology and in the cold chain space.”

With a strong focus on delivering superior warehousing solutions, RGL operates an extensive network of warehouses across key metro cities, tier 1 and tier 2 cities in the country, offering services like 3PL, 4PL, Inventory Control, order management and Quality check activities etc. Through superior technology enabled operations, RGL warehouses are governed through automated Warehouse Management Systems and implementation of Business Intelligence and Analytics. RGL’s distribution solutions are economical, efficient and value driven, with a wide reach across the length and breadth of the country. Key distribution services include Long-haul and inbound & outbound services, Last mile distribution, Reverse Logistics, Odd Dimension Cargo, Network Optimization and Route Planning.

Apart from warehousing and distribution services, RGL also offers In-factory Logistics solutions that are customized to suit the needs of a vast variety of clients. Further, through efficient implementation of Single Line Feeding (SLF) process, RGL undertakes complex in-factory services like sequencing, kitting & trolley loading for Just-In-Time and Lean Manufacturing Processes for automotive and other manufacturers. In line with the company’s philosophy of excellence, the SLF process is fully equipped to undertake functions like active inventory tracking on regular basis, triggering re-order flags, receipt & physical verification of materials, creating kits, Trolley filling and managing high value parts and most importantly ensuring that the right product is being dispatched as to avoid manufacturing stoppages.

Apart from the above, RGL also offers integrated solutions for supply chain, freight forwarding, and customs clearance, through its other company, RCNL.