gateway research is a well-versed, full-service maritime research firm, a division of Gateway Media Pvt Ltd. We offer customized market research services with deep knowledge in maritime industry to help our clients to make intelligent and better decision making. Since our inception, we have developed and presented qualitative industry reports to serve the key players in the industry.

  • gateway research combines a client-focused approach with robust project management to offer a unique experience to our clients. With our rich experience in this industry, we help our clients by offering quality insights on targeted and potential markets, competition and other market dynamics in the maritime industry.
  • We understand the criticality and accuracy of information in the market research and analytics industry. To ensure the accuracy of our deliverables, we have implemented various measures and steps at different levels of the complete market research process in order to provide effective reports.

Almost a decade of industry experience enriched our team with profound knowledge in the maritime industry.  Thus drives us to serve our clients as a market research consulting partner. We help our clientele to tune up the quality in order to reduce the turnaround time of their key processes

Our core competencies are targeting niche markets and untapped industries to deliver customized reports to the clients.

Our speciality:

  • Working closely with complete value chain of maritime sector
  • Primary & Secondary research
  • primary surveys (online, face to face and industry expert interviews)
  • Combination of exhaustive industry knowledge and high level Industry network
  • Disseminates market trends, burgeoning trade matters and contemporary issues
  • Published insightful market reports comprises the sectorial and industrial reports & insights.

For further details Contact :

Mr.Rakesh Oruganti
+91 9948334568