Transport arrangement to enhance DPD

JNPT has invited tenders for selection of transporter for providing transport solution for various identified routes for Direct Port Delivery of ISO freight containers from the four terminals of JNPT. The tender forms part of JNPT’s efforts to enhance the amount of DPD clearances.
To align with the recent directives of Government, the JNPT and Jawahar Customs, has taken a slew of measures to increase the proportion of DPD to 40%. The PPP terminals have discontinued collecting the deposit for granting DPD. The Shipping lines have assured E-delivery orders and advance invoicing to facilitate increased percentages of DPD. Due to the ongoing efforts, the share of DPD which used to be around 3% has now has increased to 17%.
However as the volumes of DPD and number of clients increases the terminals will face the challenge of yard efficiency and congestion on the port roads. The DPD also brings in the challenge of reliable delivery to multitudes of importers. To address this issue, a transport solution was formulated which would be “first-of-its-kind” in India. The model was worked out considering the dual requirements of minimising the number of stacks and designing on the “best-pick model” keeping the number of shifting to the minimum. The transport solution involves identifying 5 major routes along which maximum DPD containers are expected flow and selecting transporters for each of the route at competitive rates fixed through tender process. The transport solution is expected to bring in prompt and timely delivery leading to reduction in inventory costs, saving in transportation costs, saving in Container detention charges payable to Shipping Lines, delivery of DPD container at Port Terminals on 24×7 basis and reduction in dwell time for containerized cargo.

The  rates of transporter arrived through the bidding process will be published on the website of JNPT and Customs. The importers with DPD facility will be informed about the transporters selected through the bidding process and their rates and the importers shall need to enter into commercial arrangement with the transporter. JNPT, NSICT, NSIGT, GTI, DG Shipping, Indian Ports Association and Customs together shall form a grievance redressal committee that will address the issues of the stakeholders related to the transport solution. JNPT shall not enter into any direct commercial arrangement with the transporter.