Höegh Autoliners transports 100 break-bulk units

Recently Höegh Autoliners was tasked to transport equipment for a cement plant project in Kenya.

Short transit time and regular, frequent service

The customer was not aware of the advantages of using RoRo vessels for their break-bulk cargo. The customer required 57 break-bulk pieces from Bremerhaven (Germany), and 43 pieces from Mumbai transported for the project in Mombasa, and was looking for the most efficient options. Höegh Autoliners has a global network offering a frequent, reliable service from both Europe and India to Kenya, with fixed monthly sailings and short transit times.

Mr Atuldutt Sharma, Breakbulk Sales Manager, explains, “With our regular liner service we operate a fixed scheduled timetable, which the customer can plan for. Alternative shipping options, on the other hand, do not operate on these set schedules, so it is harder for the customer to plan shipments with a strict deadline.”

Guaranteed departure times also means the cargo is loaded on to the vessels when needed, so the customer does not have to wait for the vessel, and incur costly storage at port, said a release.

Safer and less risk with RoRo

Transporting cargo with RoRo vessels also ensures a safer and less risky operation. By lashing the cargo on to specialised rolltrailers, the risk of damage is reduced as it eliminates the need for crane lifts at both load and discharge port. Once rolled inside the vessel, the cargo is fixed to designated lashing points underdeck. This ensures the delicate equipment is not exposed to water or humidity, and remains safe during its ocean transportation.

With the shipments safely discharged in Mombasa, the customer was pleased with the RoRo solution offered, the release said.

Mr Atuldutt Sharma added: “Our service coupled with guaranteed underdeck stowage, a safe cargo operation supervised by a highly experienced and professional team of experts, made sure the cargo was transported in the fastest, safest and most efficient manner which was exactly what the customer was looking for.”