Many of the processed vegetables cooked in the kitchens of US and Europe actually originate from Karnataka. Read on to know how Indo – Spanish Tasty Foods sources and supplies veggies on the platter

One of the largest exporters of gherkins from India is actually based in Karnataka. Exporting packaged and preserved vegetables and related products since 2003 is Indo – Spanish Tasty Foods Private Limited. The company’s primary exports include gherkins, babycorn, jalapenos and chilli.The company also imports olives to be repacked in jars and cans for exporting to various countries. It is also a major exporter of gherkins preserved in barrels as well.

Having a processing facility at Tumkur in Karnataka, the company exports around 1,000 teus throughput of gherkins, babycorn, jalapenos and Chilli every year, primarily to the US and Europe. Indo-Spanish Tasty Foods manages its supply chain using a customized ERP software.

India exported 35.88 Lakh tonnes of fresh fruits and vegetables whose value is estimated at `10,236 crore and about 11.77 lakh tonnes of processed fruits and vegetables at `9,052 crore in 2018-19, according to APEDA (Agricultural and processed food products export development authority). However, compared to the previous year, the exports have fallen due to the oversupply in the international markets.

Sourcing to exports

Venkata Shivaram Krishnaiah from the company explains how they source the materials, package and export it from their factory: “We source our raw materials from the small and marginal farmers in a radius of about 200kms around the factory through contract farming. The company provides the farmers with seeds, pesticides and frestilisers and whatever crop is grown the company buys back at a pre agreed price. The produce is collected at the door step of the farmer and is transported at the cost of the company to the factory. Once the produce arrives at the factory they are culled for all the defects, washed, graded and packed in various recipes and packages (jars/cans/barrels). The products produced in jars/ cans are pasteurised to ensure that no microbes are present in the product and are passed through x-ray to ensure that no foreign body is present in the product. The despatches takes place as per the delivery schedule through ICD Bangalore and through Chennai and Krishnapatnam Ports.”

Hassle free Customs process

The company manages logistics through ICD Bangalore from where it gets empty containers to the factory.Once the containers are stuffed and sealed through self-sealing mechanism they are moved to ICD Bangalore where it is Customs cleared and loaded on to the train in synchronisation with the vessel. The company uses Chennai port for Imports and Chennai or Krishnapatnam Ports for exports.

Issues in procuring empty containers

Though Indo-Spanish Tasty Foods finds no problems at Customs as it is a 100 per cent Export Oriented Unit and having self-sealing permission, the company, however, finds it difficult to get enough empty food grade containers during the peak season. Sometimes, it faces issues relating to congestion at major ports during the peak export months. If these bottlenecks are eased, the company expects more and more exports can be possible from India to the international markets.