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CMA CGM unveils its customer centricity strategy, a core priority of the Group’s development

  • Customer experience at the center of the Group’s strategy
  • New products and services to meet burgeoning customer demand
  •  CMA CGM standardizes the use of smart containers
  • Customer experience management has become a strategic necessity to satisfy customer demands, deliver consistent and rewarding service, and ultimately strengthen customer relationships. On the occasion of the 18th TPM Annual Conference currently taking place in Long Beach, California, the CMA CGM Group, a world leader in maritime transport, unveils its customer centricity strategy to create the customer experience of tomorrow.

Customer Centricity, a top priority of the Group’s strategy
A year ago Rodolphe Saadé, Chairman and CEO of the CMA CGM Group, defined ‘Customer Centricity’ as one of the Group’s core strategies. Since then, the Group has reevaluated the way it works with its customers, to have a clear understanding of their expectations, in order to deliver a consistent and a rewarding customer experience throughout their business journey with CMA CGM.

A new philosophy, far beyond the customer relationship
CMA CGM has taken a comprehensive view of the customer experience to develop its strategy. The strategy will place more timely and relevant information in customers’ hands and make better use of the information CMA CGM has to anticipate customers’ needs. Our investments in analytics and business intelligence are focused on creating multichannel customer service capabilities. We are reshaping the ways customers engage with us to make it seamless across the whole global organization, improving our responsiveness and the ability to create new value for our customers.

A range of new products being developed to serve our customers even better
Within the coming months, innovative and revolutionary new products will be offered to the Group’s customers in order to meet their expectations and build with them the shipping of tomorrow. Among these new offerings:

  • a brand new finance solution to help our customers expand their business abroad,
  • a digital agency allowing 100% digital interactions between CMA CGM and our customers with advanced online customer service. Customer service online (US and FR), chat application, online dispute and claims, document self-service, new reporting dashboard and simplified and more user-friendly interfaces, including a simplified dashboard, one-step booking, and mobile follow-up,
  • online payment will be developed worldwide,
  •  a personalized assistant to help our customers reach new markets thanks to the Group’s expertise and presence in more than 160 countries,
  • new logistics solutions, such as advanced hubs to accelerate our customers’ supply chain as well as enhanced inventory visibility and accuracy.

Smart containers, the new shipping standard
Smart containers will be a standard offering for CMA CGM customers. Developed in partnership with and powered by TRAXENS, smart containers are the most advanced system providing complete, reliable and on-time data for customers. They will allow for:

  • near real-time information, even during inland transport: geographic position, external and internal temperature variations, humidity variations, shocks and door openings,
  • personalized alerts,
  • visibility to react to aberrations in supply chains,
  • geo-fencing notification of in/out movement of defined sites,
  • container unloading notification to organize inland transport right on time.

Smart containers use the latest technologies and next generation connectivity for continuous tracking of cargo anywhere and anytime. Moreover, smart containers are fully integrated in the processes of CMA CGM to deliver immediate benefits to our customers.

With more than 15.6 million containers transported by CMA CGM in 2016, the introduction of smart containers into the Group’s fleet means that large amounts of information will be collected and analyzed to improve the service provided to our customers

Already existing products to serve customers’ needs and expectations
Over the past few months, CMA CGM has developed a new products and services aimed at enhancing the customers’ experience. CMA CGM has developed unique and innovative new offerings:

  • SERENITY By CMA CGM: a new set of products aimed at offering simpler, faster and customized solutions to secure our customers’ business. SERENITY allows our customers to manage supply chain risk more efficiently and at a lower cost. With Cargo Value Serenity, the first product launched in this new range, CMA CGM covers any kind of cargo incident no matter who is responsible.
  • REEFLEX: a brand new container technology that enables the refrigerated carriage of liquids. This is the most efficient and cost-effective transportation mode for beverages, semi-finished or even as raw material.
  • Online payment: already available in the USA via our e-commerce platform, allows our customers to complete a full transaction, from booking to payment, using our eBusiness portal.
  • Inland tariffs: a new tool to search for the best tariffs and intermodal solutions.

With its new strategy and ambition, CMA CGM reaffirms its commitment to become the industry’s leader in customer service.


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